I was invited to be a part of the group show "A13" at the Wapping Project.
The show was the brainchild of Rowan Moore (director of the Architecture Foundation and author). He has a deep love for the A13 road, which runs from the City of London all the way down to Southend-on-Sea on the east coast.
I was asked to make a film that was inspired by the magic and beauty of this ancient road. I drove up and down it many times trying to get inspired, but after much time thinking, I felt nothing. I found it to be an ugly, dirty road and hard as I tried I couldn't be inspired to create a piece of video art about it.

So instead I strapped the curator, Rowan Moore, to the back of a flatbed truck and drove him up and down the road as he told us why he thought it was so fabulous.
Wind frame grab
Frame grab from Wind
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